Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common and a serious issue during the modern days. It has been seen that, most of the Indian population suffer from hair loss, and the problem recurs even after sufficient treatment has been undertaken. Population from Asia or Africa most commonly suffer from excessive loss of hair, maybe due to genetic factors. It has been observed that, usually loss of hair begins from the forehead. It is then followed by a receding hairline, which continues till the bald patches at the back of the scalp. Loss of hair although a very common issue, needs to be taken care of, grown up Asian adults. This is because the growth of hair is reversed with the pace of the biological clock.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

It has been observed that, people normally shed 50 – 100 hairs in a day. If this is the case, then it is nothing to be worried about. Losing hair indicates some kind of nutritional deficiency, which is directly related to the deficiency of essentials elements in the normal diet. Over-exploitation of beauty products are also an important reason for losing healthy hair, to a large extent. Hair loss is also related to specific conditions of the scalp detritus (when hair stops to grow anymore), thinning of hair, partial or full baldness, alopecia etc.

Some major causes of hair fall can be enlisted as below:-

PRP for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a safe new hair restoration program which is performed at Natural Hair Treatment Clinic. One of the major advantages of NHT, is that, we deploy qualified doctors who provide the required guarantee. The PRP treatment takes place via intradermal insertions of plasma into the scalp. The objective is to stimulate the scalp to support new growth.

Benefits When PRP is used in hair transplant

Moreover, expert trichologists have observed acceleration in the growth and the revascularization of the hair follicles, especially after the therapy has been put in practice. PRP also creates a noticeable increase in the size of follicles per unit area of the scalp. We, at NHT provide you with a free consultation on the process before you decide to go for it. Please book you consultation today to avoid the rush.

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